Trading Tools

The below is a curated list of the most useful cryptocurrency trading and informational tools.

Volume and graphs

Shows which exchanges are transacting the most volume and the buy/sell orders overall for bitcoin.



Shows all bitcoin markets at the one time

Price Checkers

GDAX trading platform, a popular option for checking buy and sell walls.


OG Bitcoin ticker, it’s been around since the beginning.

The heavyweight price checker.  Onchain Finance has a multitude of tools and options to filter market intelligence.


Another clean and easy to use price checker.

Not so much just price checking as much as being the Swiss-army knife of technical traders – get some investment….opinions here. (Be warned, quality of analysis varies) – also be warned, there is fiat here also!


Some people also like this one as a clean alternative to that other scammy one a lot of noobs use.

Check how high your crypto went before shedding a tear for the price it’s at currently.



Good to know when these expire as it usually sends the price into a tailspin as institutions try to stop being liquidated at contract expiry.

Blockchain Explorers

Want to track a bitcoin transaction? Ozzie Ozzie Ozzie..

Nice UI/UX on this one .. a nifty realtime blockchain explorer.



Blockchain Activity Matrix

How much are people actually using your crypto? Check out the activity here..



Free stuff? Yes please! Keep tabs on new coins and get free crypto if you meet the criteria..

ICO tracker, great for an overview of whats coming down the chain..


Cryptocurrency Market State

Check the market cap  of your crypto in relation to all others, a sea of red or green the likes of which have never been seen. May you always see green.

Block Size Calculator

Does what it says on the box – enter a blocksize and get the info returned – note authors note that with segwit the bitcoin blocksize can no longer be calculated this way.


Cryptocurrency Statistics

Get into the nitty gritty –  stats for wonks here



Made after a tweet from John McAfee this tracks the probability of Bitcoin reaching the target of 1M by the end of 2020.


Bitcoin Memepool

Shows transactions and associated fees for the network